B.A. Business Administration

The College of Law and Business (CLB) Business School is committed to preparing students to become leaders in the global economy. Our rigorous student centered learning program utilizes experiential learning and real-world cases with the goal of developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills for the next generation of business leaders. Our students are surrounded by a warm and supportive environment allowing them to achieve their full potential.

At CLB students study in the heart of the “Start-Up Nation” as Israel is commonly called. Israel’s international leadership in the fields of innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship was a result of its high-tech revolution in the 1990s (Times of India, 2017). CLB’s high quality interactive program focuses on innovation and sustainability, incorporating new venture development in the CLB Eco-Hub Incubator in the final year of study.

?Why CLB

Student Centered Learning

CLB’s Student Centered Learning method focuses on developing students to become successful leaders in a complex and challenging global environment. CLB is the first school in Israel to incorporate the interactive case-method developed by some of the leading business schools in the world such as Harvard, Darden, and INSEAD. The school operates an Open-Door policy and a supportive environment, where each student receives personal attention to enhance their learning and growth.

The “Start Up" Nation

CLB’s program focuses on the driving forces of innovation, sustainability and technology at the heart of the “Startup Nation”. As part of the program, students interact with leading global technology companies that operate in Israel, such as Intel, Google, ISCAR, Teva, and Naan Dan Jain Irrigation. The program incorporates joint projects with “start-up” technology companies and opportunities for students to develop their own "start-up” in the CLB Eco-Hub Incubator in their final year of the program.

Location, Location, Location

CLB urban campus is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv's Business Technology Center. Tel Aviv was named the World’s Second “Most Innovative City” (Wall Street Journal International Poll, 2013) and won the World Smart Cities Award (Smart City World Expo, 2017). CLB is a walking distance from "Yarkon Park" – a tranquil oasis in the heart of Tel Aviv to recharge and foster personal growth.

Learn from the Best, Study with the Best

For the third consecutive year, CLB has been rated the best in educational programs, quality of lecturers and overall satisfaction by the Israeli National Student Union survey. This, alongside with the multicultural and diverse student body, creates an energizing and exciting learning environment.

Prof. Gal Raz, Dean

Prof. Raz is the Dean of CLB Business School. He holds a Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and two Masters as well as a PhD from Stanford University. His researches has been published

in leading academic journals. Prior to this role, he was an associate professor at the Ivey School of Business at Western University, and on the faculty of the Darden Graduate School of Business at UVA and the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW) in Sydney. He also taught at other leading business schools such as Kellogg school of management and the Israeli institute of technology. His over 15 years of teaching experience gain him multiple awards, as he developed many courses, cases and teaching materials in the field of operations, supply chain management and global innovation at HBA, MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programs.

Both prior to his career in academia and since joining it, Prof. Raz was involved in numerous consulting projects with many leading companies in Australia, the United States and Israel.


121 Academic Credits divided to mandatory, elective and concentration courses.

Selected Courses

• International Finance
• International Marketing
• Global Innovation and Technology Commercialization
• Entrepreneurship at the Startup Nation
• IT Management in a Global World
• Innovation Practicum at the Eco-Hub Incubator
• Management and Development of Products & Services
• Regulating Global Energy
• Emerging Markets Management
• Strategic Decision Making
• Global Career Management
• Organizational Behavior
• Customer Behavior from Global Perspective
• Business Law & Ethics

* 13 academic hours = 1 academic credit.

Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) promotes the commitment of commercial corporations to human, employee, and consumer rights, enforces and supports the recognition and advancement of corporate ethics, and sustainable societies and environmental protection.

Academic Calendar 2017/18

Mathematics Preparatory Course

22  Oct. – 10 Nov. 2017

First Quarter

12  Nov. – 19 Dec.  2017


22–29 Dec. 2017

Second Quarter

7 Jan. – 12 Feb. 2018


16–20 Feb. 2018

Midterm break

21 Feb. – 10 Mar. 2018

Third Quarter

11 Mar. – 27 Apr. 2018*


29 Apr. – 3 May 2018

Fourth Quarter

13 May – 22 Jun. 2018


24–26 Jun. 2018

First day of 2018/19 Academic Year

14 Oct. 2018

    *Passover Vacation/Spring Break - 30 March – 6 Apr. 2018

I really enjoy my time in Israel. The teachers were very professional and helpful, and our classmates were so enthusiastic and friendly, what made me feel like home. Even when we were not at school, but just on the street, Israeli people are so warmhearted that they never hesitate to offer us help.

Xing Liu

After 3 years of studying at the CLB, I realized that I would be graduating with a lot more than just a degree. The professors are very open and very helpful and I have travelled to Paris and Vienna on behalf of the college, and even won first place at one of the most important international competitions in my field. CLB gave me the opportunities to succeed as well as the tools and support to thrive in the next stages of my life in my career..

Rachel Rhodes

One of my favorite memories from the CLB was my participation in some of the international programs. Combining practical experience with the opportunity to make valuable acquaintances with other motivated students from all over the world, is the first step of a global career. It took very little time to start seeing CLB as my second home, and I am glad to still be in touch and part of the growing Alumni network.

Shirley Stephanie Ehling

As a new person in Israel, CLB provided me with a convenient and captivating framework which allowed me to complete my studies in Israel. Not only was I able to complete an Israeli degree, but the CLB provided me numerous opportunities to interact with, and experience the global community. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and experiences I gained during my time at the college.

Daniel Winer
South Africa

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